Jimmy Mack is a renowned medical intuitive and spiritual life coach
who has taken, completed and even mastered a variety of healing
modalities. After a near death experience, he was shown and
developed a simpler way to create healing and profound
changes now known as My Liquid Fish® Change made simple®.

He is the author of 7 books, over a dozen transformational audio MP3’s
and hosts his own weekly radio show The Jimmy Mack Healing Show.
He works with clients in person, on the phone and over Skype
worldwide accessing energetic powers and co-creating changes
that you can actually feel. Read over the appointments
page and then email him today
info@jimmymackhealing.com to schedule a session!

Lots of information below.  If you are ready to schedule an appointment,
please email me 
info@jimmymackhealing.com as email is best
and instant 
or call 727-678-0557

I am available via remote viewing,  phone, Skype Worldwide or in person appointments. ALL are just as effective as any other.
I would would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and bring results as well as healing to every part of your life.
Hours Are By Appointment Only And You Must Call Or Email First
Mon – Fri: 9AM – 9PM Eastern Standard Time
Sat: 9AM – 9PM Eastern Standard Time
Sun: 9am-9PM Eastern Standard Time
Clearwater, Florida 33756
Email me at info@jimmymackhealing.com
to get my physical address
 Contact me today to find out how I can help you
achieve abundance, optimal health, wellness and well being!
Advanced ThetaHealing® Practitioner
Reconnective Healing
Matrix Energetics Certified